The David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University presents Inappropriate Covers from Friday, April 11, through Friday, May 29, 2009. Inappropriate Covers includes multi-media works by eleven established and emerging artists, chosen for the aesthetic tensions they generate through acts of appropriation, reconfiguration, and erasure.

The space of the page has long been taken for granted as blank, while text is valorized as the agent of signification. But what is the space of the page? What are it’s architectures which quietly construct the possiblilities of a text? As spaces for writing multiply, perhaps infatuation with literary style will be replaced by the stylistics of the page, and a desire to create mechanisms that that offer new spaces for writing.


Interrupt 2008 was held at Brown University from October 17-19. The “conference” was a three-day festival of readings, performances, and symposia organized around the theme of “interruption” in digital art and programmable literary practices. Why “Interrupt”? In computing, a hardware interrupt request or IRQ is used to prioritize the execution of certain processes over others. It is a command sent to the processor to get its attention, signaling the need to initiate a new operation.

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