Toward a Circulation of the Page (2003)

Toward a Circulation of the Page

“Toward a Circulation of the Page” is a collage meditation on the production and activity of the digital space of the page, or page_space. The text consists of both cited fragments and originally composed reflections on the nature of the page in electronic space. The citations, for the most part, are broken from their original context and broken again into phrases that are allowed to circulate within the coded structure of the space. The linearity of the original cited fragments is retained in the ability of the reader to reconstruct the original “line of thought” by way of standard hypertextual links; that is, each fragment, if clicked, links to the next fragment in the linear progression of the citation. One can choose to reconstruct this progression by following these links, though such a reading is frustrated by the circulation of the textual fragments. These citations are merely the historical leaves, blown by the code, through the forest of the present writing. Beyond the use of these citations the text can, of course, be “activated” in other ways.

The citations were taken from the following sources:

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Text and Audio by Braxton Soderman

Title Image by Roxanne Carter

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